At Crenshaw Community Hospital, we know that family and friends play a vital role in the care and recovery of their loved ones. It is our goal to accomodate patients and visitors in a way that is beneficial to both. Visiting hours are from 7AM-9PM, seven days a week. These times may vary based on which unit the patient is in.

Helpful Tips for Your Visitors

  • Visits should be limited to two family members for any extended period of time. There are waiting areas in the front lobby and emergency room entrance for additional visitors.
  • Visitors are asked to keep their voices low at all times to help us promote a healing environment.
  • Infants and small children are discouraged from visiting the hospital.
  • Visitation may be restricted by the charge nurse at any time.
  • No tobacco is allowed on hospital grounds.
  • Visitors are expected to follow visiting hours and their restrictions.
  • Visitors must be dressed appropriately (ex. shirts and shoes must be worn at all times)

Food Services

A “Guest” food tray is available for a family member visiting with a patient in our hospital for only $3.50. If you would like to have a meal delivered to the patient’s room when he/she is served, simply go to registration to place an order. Please order your guest tray by 10AM for lunch, by 3PM for dinner, and by 4PM the day before for breakfast.